Inferno Metallic Competition 2019 – Sunday with Opeth, 1349, Carach Angren and extra


1349 21042019-07The final day on the Inferno Metallic Competition 2019 had an excellent number of music types. Prog metallic from Opeth, black metallic with a lot of pyro from 1349, symphonic black metallic from Carach Angren, epic black metallic from Cult of Hearth and blackened dying metallic from Archgoat. (Picture above: Ravn from 1349)

Carach Angren 21042019-08Carach Angren

The slight competition fatigue I noticed at Inferno on Saturday had positively struck most of the followers  on Sunday. 4 days festivals are arduous on most of us, and lots of from the Inferno crowd had began celebrating a day earlier, assembly associates and having a pre-party. However that’s how it’s and must be. Inferno is just annually, and for a lot of, that is the one time once they meet lots of their associates.

1349 21042019-021349

The consequence of this was that the venue wasn’t as packed as the primary two days, apart from the 2 final bands, 1349 and Opeth. For 1349 the barricades in entrance of the stage have been moved again a bit bit due to all of the flames and pyro, and this really reduces the capability of the venuee some. However regardless of a barely decrease over all attendance, the keenness was simply pretty much as good as the opposite days.

Archgoat 21042019-11Archgoat

That’s one factor I do like in regards to the metallic followers. They’re by no means detached to the bands, both they love them or they hate them. And they’re often extremely educated of their band’s careers, the songs, which albums to favor, and many others. That is an perspective I miss at many different festivals with totally different music types, the place this yr’s taste usually decides what’s common or not. So, thanks Inferno for one more profitable competition with many nice bands and better of all, many pleasant and good natured followers from everywhere in the world.

Cult of  Hearth

Cult of Fire 21042019-04

Cult of Fire 21042019-07

Cult of Fire 21042019-06


Archgoat 21042019-12

Archgoat 21042019-01

Archgoat 21042019-04

Archgoat 21042019-10

Carach Angren

Carach Angren 21042019-05

Carach Angren 21042019-02

Carach Angren 21042019-04

Carach Angren 21042019-06


1349 21042019-13

1349 21042019-32

1349 21042019-17

1349 21042019-09

1349 21042019-34

1349 21042019-03


Opeth 21042019-01

Opeth 21042019-03

Opeth 21042019-04

Opeth 21042019-02


1349 21042019-10Ravn from 1349

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